Delaware Physiatry - New Healing Wave in Neurorehabilitation and Pain

Evidence-based Care

Qualified doctors with a wealth of experience in physiatry and its associated medicine streams for evidence-based care.

Patient-Centric Approach

Personalized therapy sessions by a dedicated team to bestow an enriching therapy experience.

Qualified Staff

Delaware Physiatry, led by qualified doctors, houses the best medical minds to get the job done.

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Welcome to Delaware Physiatry!

Combining the quintessential physical care approaches with the finesse of rehabilitation, the Delaware Physiatry is poised to bring the new healing wave in and around Delaware.
Bringing in a wealth of experience and knowledge in Neurorehabilitation and Pain, we focus on enhancing a patient’s quality of life.
Specializing in nonoperative physical medicine, our experts treat and heal musculoskeletal problems, including muscles, joints, bones, tendons, nerves, and ligaments.
Our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists offer expert services for skilled nursing care clinics and assisted living facilities in Delaware as a unified end-to-end care provider.

Services We Offer

Our ultimate goal behind each procedure or therapy is to restore a person’s functional ability, mobility, and life’s quality.
The scope of our quality services covers all the mobility challenges faced by residents of assisted living facilities, recovering individuals out of skilled nursing care facilities, and people with acute or chronic pain.
Our treatment approach involves evaluating a person’s physical and cognitive abilities, devising treatment plans in coordination with therapists and nurses, conducting therapy sessions, prescribing medicines, and administering injections and medicine management.

  • Complete Neurorehabilitation and Pain management
  • Around clock accessibility to physiatry

By providing excellent patient care, Delaware Physiatry ensures the individual is on the progressive track to gain mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance.
Delaware Physiatry plays a vital role in reintegrating people into society after a medical trauma. Our focus is to bring back normalcy in one’s life irrespective of age or physical condition.

The Delaware Difference

As the first-of-its-kind pain medicine and rehabilitation clinic in Delaware, we take an active part in regaining your mobility and balance. With our selected approaches that are personalized at the individual level, optimize a person’s scope to get back onto their feet.
Evaluating each condition, making diagnoses, our physiatrists follow the nonsurgical but impactful treatment path to restore a patient’s quality of life.
If you are in or around Delaware, just type in ‘physical medicine and rehabilitation near me’ or reach out to us on (contact number) to know more about our quality services.

Why Choose Us

Delaware Physiatry is creating a new healing wave in Delaware, and it’s driving great outcomes. Here is why Delawareans choose us!


1. Trust that Nurtures Healing

Here trust exists both ways, and our sheer commitment and deliverance fuel it.


2. Multidisciplinary Approach

We promote recovery by employing an uncompromising multidisciplinary approach.


3. Prioritizing Patient Satisfaction

Our health experts are committed and inspired by patient satisfaction.


Meet Our Providers

Haresh Sampathkumar
Haresh Sampathkumar