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Movement-related disorders, functional discomfort, and chronic pain are affecting millions of Americans every year. The pain and discomfort interfere with the individual’s ability to perform their day-to-day activities, taking a toll on their life experience.
Delaware Physiatry focuses on finding the right therapy and treatment strategies to restore the flexibility and ease of movement that’s been missing.
Led by qualified doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, the modern medical facility for physiatry offers many services for individuals recovering in skilled nursing facilities in Delaware.

Here is an overview of the services we offer to skilled nursing facilities in Delaware.

Overview of Functional Patient Care

Delaware Physiatry follows a systemic approach that optimizes a patient’s functional efficiency and daily progress. Complimenting the custodial care of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Delaware Physiatry remains a crucial component in managing and maintaining the patient’s function care right from the SNFs.

Prompt Visits by the Physiatrists

Be it the insurance meeting to discuss a safe discharge plan or a family meeting to discuss the overall progress or care; our physiatrists will be present as per the appointment. Delaware Physiatry also provides 2-3 visits a week as the patient or their family members require.

Seamless Coordination with the Other Care Providers

Pain management and rehabilitation require a multidisciplinary team approach. We exercise seamless coordination with the other care providers starting from the primary doctor, specialists, therapists, and nursing care specialists. We also coordinate and communicate with the family members to recommend the home-bound equipment.

Support in Insurance Claiming Process

Employing fair practices, we follow end-to-end clinical care documentation, care audits, and surveys. Our experienced physical specialists also help in peer-to-peer reviews for insurance denials.

Treatment and Therapies for A Plethora of Conditions

Delaware Physiatry’s thoughtful portfolio covers almost all the medical conditions that are cared for out of the Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our coordinated services include diagnosing orthopaedic, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions, performing botox, nerve blocks, and managing baclofen pumps for spasticity, stroke, TBI, and spinal cord injury.

Effective Management of Chronic Conditions

Our expert team works in inline with the efforts of skilled nursing facilities to manage pain, support opioid rehabilitation, wound care, delirium management, and neurogenic bladder and bowel management. Not just for the patients, but we also provide in-service education for the nursing/therapy team to establish preventive protocols for bedsores, falls, and UTIs.

If you are in or around Delaware, just type in ‘skilled nursing facilities near me’ or reach out to us on (302-387-1407) to know more about our quality services.